Memes by Tom™

1 $TOM = 1 Meme

Custom Spice, On Demand


Introducing $TOM

Hard money for the rest of us

Hi. My name is Tom Schmidt. You might have seen me on Twitter, read some of my blogs posts, or watched me giving talks at various cryptocurrency conferences. In any scenario, you've probably seen one or more memes that I've created.

While occassionally popular, these memes have historically been limited to private access only. But today, I'm excited to open up meme access to the broad public of accredited investors.

With the purchase and redemption of a single $TOM token, you can commission me to create one (1) custom image or gif meme of your specification for use in:

  • dunking on your foes for net clout
  • succinctly conveying a point in a presentation
  • spicing up a drab press release
  • flirting

100% of proceeds from $TOM sales will go to funding projects (at my discretion) on Gitcoin

To redeem, please email me (me [at] tomhschmidt [dot] com) to coordinate and send 1 $TOM to tomhschmidt.eth

How to buy

Past Work and Track Record

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1) TOM tokens cannot be redeemed for meme projects I deem unethical, racist, misogynist, or bigoted in anyway.

2) I will always retain the right to refuse service to anyone. If service is refused, any redeemed tokens will be returned back to the wallet from where they were originally sent.

3) Redeeming TOM tokens will not automatically guarantee my availability. Any project redeemed via TOM will have to be scheduled alongside my existing availability. I will endeavour to do my best to find time to work with you as soon as possible, but in some cases it could take weeks for available time to open up.

Thanks dappboi